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What can we offer our clients?

Custom Web Solutions

Our custom web solutions are designed to fit the needs of your business processes in order to engage your customers and ultimately provide a greater return on your marketing investments.
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Rebate and Sweepstakes Programs

Rebate Rewards and Sweepstakes Programs are two marketing methods that not only attract new customers, but simultaneously strengthen the relationship with existing customers.
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Inventory Management

Mismanaged inventory can be detrimental to the financial stability of a business which is why we have integrated a complete inventory management system to support the needs of our clients.
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Client Case Studies

How we help our clients succeed.


Refer-A-Friend Program

Time Warner Cable

Business Partner Referral Program

Buckeye CableSystem

Customer Reward Program


Reward Fulfillment Web Portal

Kmart & Sears

Warranty Reimbursement Program

Time Warner Cable

Employee Referral Program

About Us

How did we get here?

  • 1980

    Where it all Began

    Tristar was founded.

  • 1990

    Welcome to the Digital Age

    Tristar takes on new roles.

  • 2000

    Web Expansion Initiative

    Tristar expands into web development services.

  • 2015

    Mobile Application Boom

    Tristar enhances development team to focus on mobile technologies.

  • Technology
    So Do We.

The TFS Team

Knowledgeable, Experienced, and excited to work with you!

Stephanie Russo

VP of Operations

Lee Jones

Director of IT

Behind these great leaders we have a friendly team of account service members, a dedicated and well-informed team of developers, and a dynamic group of call center and warehouse employees ready to service your new program!

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